Church should be a place where people of faith come to grow in grace, and those in our community can discover their faith through the grace of Jesus Christ.  Much like the Concord Point Lighthouse, we stand as a beacon of hope, sending out the glorious light of the Gospel to those finding  themselves adrift in troubled waters. 

Our members find a place of spiritual retreat from the cares of this world, while our visitors find a place of love, shelter, and healing from the troubled waters of life.  We are all on a spiritual  journey but not all are at the same place on the journey.  The truth is, we all start out at the same place (the foot of the cross), but progress at different speeds. 

At Antioch, it’s not about where you are on the journey or what you have done in the past, but fulfilling God’s plan for your life.  We all have failed and made shipwreck of our lives at some point, but the grace, forgiveness, and forgetfulness  of God is greater than our worst failing. If you tried church before and were turned off  or experienced fun and excitement but never in grew, I invite you to discover Antioch and allow us to help you Grow in Grace.

I grew up in Antioch thanks to my Aunt Greenie, God rest her soul. I’ve been gone for many years, and have been to many other churches but I now know, and have probably always known, this is where I belong.  Pastor Donnie, you are the BOMB!

Kimberly Hash Rakes
I’ve been going to Antioch Baptist Church since I was 7 yrs old.  A ll of my family as well have been going there for 20 plus years.  We absolutely love this place our Pastor Donnie Smith is wonderful and preaches the most heartfelt sermons that touches you and helps you understand them and relate to them.  Also there are so many wonderful people who attend Antioch as well.  I could not ask for a better place to praise my Lord an Savior.
Tabitha Grace

What a great church and a pastor who has such a deep understanding of the Word of God. After 40 plus years of attending some of the best churches in the country, I learn so much each week from the preaching. If you don’t have a church home or are just tired of the fluff preaching and same three points each week, I invite you to come and experience the wonderful doctrine of Grace. If your not learning then your not growing.

David Serenda
Abingdon, MD
Sunday @ 11
Sunday @ 10

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